Have you had your Meningitis C vaccine?

Medical Study IconThe University Health Service is offering free vaccinations against Meningitis C for all students at the university of Sheffield, regardless of age.

If you have never received a Meningitis C vaccine before, it is important that you contact the Health Service as soon as you can to book your vaccination appointment. Please call 0114 2222100 to book your appointment.

If you were born after 1995 and have only received Meningitis C vaccine under the age of 10, you should also book an appointment to receive a booster vaccine. Research has shown that your immunity will have been reduced since you were vaccinated as a child, hence why you will need the booster.

If you know that you were given a booster vaccine in the year 1999 or 2000 or since, then there is good evidence that you are protected and don't need another booster. (If you are unsure, please either check with your parents/carers or your last GP surgery.)

For more information, see the University Health Service webpages.