Moving out of your student accommodation: June-July 2020

Help us keep Sheffield safe and clean if you are moving out, or into a new home, this month.

In line with the latest government guidance, it is now acceptable to move out, or into a new home, if you need to.

Travelling to Sheffield for this purpose would be seen as essential travel if you are in England. If you are living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland you should follow your local guidance and be mindful that there may still be travel restrictions in place.

Remember, if you are returning to Sheffield, you should:

  • Travel by yourself (or with one other person)
  • Do not make the journey if you (or a member of your household) has COVID-19 symptoms or should be self-isolating
  • Avoid using public transport and travel by private vehicle
  • If you and other housemates will be returning to collect belongings, stagger the date and time of visits so you are not all in the house at the same time. If possible, leave 72 hours between each tenant, as Public Health England believes the virus can survive for this time on some surfaces.
  • Clean door handles, bathrooms and surfaces you have used before you leave ready for the next housemate (normal cleaning detergents should be fine to use)
  • Wash hands before and after entry to the property
  • Stay 2 metres apart from people outside of your household

Parties and social gatherings

We know it is tempting to get together with friends at the end of term. Please help stop the spread of Covid-19 by limiting social gatherings to those permitted by current social distancing guidelines. Noisy parties at this time are not only anti-social, but also illegal if attended by more than two households.

Please remember that our local neighbourhoods are mixed communities which include a range of household types, including working families with young children and retirees. In particular, many local residents work at our local NHS hospitals and are under great pressure at this time. You should not play music too loudly or too late and you should keep your voices down.

The University operates a 24/7 security helpline available for local residents to call if they experience noise or anti-social behaviour from student properties. Please respect your neighbours and avoid security call outs which could lead to disciplinary action being taken.

Disposal of waste

The end of term move out is always a challenging time for waste collection, and this year brings additional pressure. Council services are currently stretched, so please be responsible with any additional waste you have when you move out of your student house and take it away with you if possible.

Check your bin collection day

Extra waste collection service

If you have additional waste, Sheffield City Council is running additional collections in student areas between 15 June - 3 July.

Find out if your area is covered by extra collections

You will need to register your details individually (not as a household) and will be given a reference number to attach to your rubbish. Please ensure waste is left bagged and tidy, as unbagged waste will not be collected, can attract vermin and is unpleasant for other residents.

Access extra collection services from the Sheffield City Council website:

Request collection of student waste

As restrictions are lifted, parks in Sheffield are also becoming busier. If you are visiting, please remember to maintain social distancing and take your rubbish home with you.

Donating unwanted items

Each year the University works with Hallam University and the City Council to run a scheme to help you donate your unwanted usable items to the British Heart Foundation (BHF). Last year, students in Sheffield donated over 14,000 bags of items, helping to raise over £200,000 for the charity and reducing the amount of waste sent for incineration.

This year, the University and city partners have been unable to run this scheme as normal. Most charity shops are currently closed, although St Lukes Hospice is now accepting donations at some locations. More information can be found on the St Luke's Hospice website

If you are unable to take unwanted but usable items to one of these locations, please take all of your belongings home or to your new address to donate when these services reopen. This will help to ensure that usable items do not end up on the street or get sent to incineration.

More help with moving in, or out, of student accommodation

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Private accommodation advice

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If you have a question not covered by the above pages, please email: