Use it, don't lose it: Register to vote

Student Voice LogoIf you don’t register yourself by 20 November 2015, you may not be included in the next electoral register.

Due to a recent change made by the UK government, thousands of students could potentially fall off the electoral register and lose their say in upcoming elections - locally, nationally and in the upcoming EU Referendum. 

The number of people registered to vote in Sheffield as of December 2015 will also determine how many Sheffield MPs there will be from 2020, so it is vital that as many students as possible that are living in Sheffield are verified on the local (Sheffield) electoral register.

If you didn't register as part of the University registration process, you can still do so now. Here's how:

  • You must register yourself by 20 November 2015 to guarantee that you are added to the electoral register before the next parliamentary boundaries are drawn up in December. The number of people registered will determine how many MPs represent Sheffield from 2020.
  • You can register online or by post - it only takes 5 minutes:
  • Everyone is responsible for registering themselves, compared to the old system where ‘heads of households’ could register everyone living at their address.
  • You need to provide a few details to register including your National Insurance number and date of birth.

Why should I register?

  • To have your say: Lots of students are missing from the electoral register which means they don't get a say in how things are run – from local and national elections to huge decisions like the EU Referendum in 2017.
  • To prevent getting fined: If you’re asked to register and don’t do so, your local Electoral Registration Office could fine you £80.

Anything else?

  • As a student, you can register at both your Sheffield term time and non-term time address. Wherever you are on election day, you can have your say.
  • Some international students have the right to vote in elections in the UK. These rights will vary depending on where you are from.

For more information, visit these webpages

Students make up a huge proportion of local voters so we really can make a difference.