Have a safe night out

In any big city anywhere in the world, there can be problems relating to personal safety on the streets at night. When you are out and about in the evenings there are some things that you can do to help ensure that you and your mates have a safe night out. Here are some points that we recommend you take into consideration.

Stay with other people and don’t accept lifts from strangers. Avoid subways and unlit areas and stay alert if walking alone. Travel by public transport or taxi (always check it is a legitimate taxi by checking the taxi plate on the rear or the driver’s ID-card). If you don't have enough money for a taxi remember the Students' Union's Safe Taxi Scheme.

You should eat before you head out for the night and pace yourself when out drinking & know your limits. Never leave a drink unattended. Look out for your friends and don't leave them behind.

You can find out more about staying safe on the SSiD webpages and on the Students' Union website