Still not received your student loan?

Piggy BankIf you experience any delays or problems with your student loan, you need to contact the University as soon as possible.

The University has lots of support services that can help you while you wait for your payment to come through. So don’t panic! You won’t be asked to leave the University or your accommodation if you can’t pay your fees or rent on the dates specified. But it is very important you keep us informed of what’s happening so that we can help.

If for any reason your student loan payment is delayed then you can get help and advice from the Financial Support team, the Student Advice Centre or SSiD. There is also more information on financial support on the SSiD website.

If you have problems with paying your accommodation fees you need to email and explain the situation. If you are worried about not being able to pay your fees you need to email

We strongly recommend that you do not use credit cards or payday loans to cover costs, as these often result in more financial difficulties in the future. There are lots of financial support options available to you right here in the University, so always come and speak to us first so we can help you work out your options.

Remember, to receive your student loan payment you must have registered as a student with the University. Once you have registered, your loan payment should arrive in 2 to 3 working days. If you are struggling financially due to funding delays, visit SSID who can arrange an appointment for you to apply for a short term loan. These are for up to £250, which is paid in cash and no interest is charged. For more information on how to apply see the SSiD webpages on short term loans.