Travel tips for students seeing the world this summer

Beach/ Travel PicBy Sabrina Rahman, Law student

It's the holidays! Time let your hair down, relax and travel the world! Whether it’s just to party or to broaden your cultural horizons, it's important that when you do travel abroad you remember the following things:

Budgeting and money

On a daily basis, work out how you need for food, accommodation and travel and then multiply this by the days you will be abroad.

Make sure you have different forms of payment, e.g. a credit cards as well as cash. Don't keep all your money together, as this will ensure that, in the unfortunate event that you loose your wallet or purse, you will always have emergency cash.

Travel Safety

Make sure that if you travel abroad that you have travel insurance which covers baggage protection, medical needs, travel accident protection, etc. Accidents do happen!

When exchanging money, only do so with an authorised authority. It is usually best if you do this in advance of travelling.

Ensure you carry emergency money but do not carry this with you whilst you are out and about. When in a public place, ensure that your bag is where you can see it and don't keep valuable items (such as your phone) in your back pockets. 

If you are heading towards a more tropical destination, ensure that you have had the appropriate jabs and injections. The University Health Service can help you organise your vaccinations - make sure you book an appointment with them well in advance of your trip. 


Try to pack as little and as lightly as possible according to how many days you will be abroad. If you bring a hairdryer or hair straighteners, ensure that you bring a travel adapter!

Certain airlines have specific guidelines as to how much your luggage can weigh, so ensure you follow the guideles otherwise you may have to pay an unnecessary fine or discard certain items.

If you are travelling hand-luggage only, ensure that any liquids you bring are under 100ml otherwise you will have to throw them away at the airport. Store your liquids in a clear plastic pouch - not all airports provide these so it's wise to pick one up in advance. 

Finally, remember to enjoy and make the most of your holiday before diving into your next year of university!