The Students' Union Strategic Plan Highlight Week 

Students' UnionInterested in learning more about how Sheffield Students' Union works? Want to get involved in discussions about the future of the organisation, and pick up valuable training while you're at it?

The Students’ Union Strategic Plan Highlight Week is running from the 24-28 November. This is your opportunity to learn more about the long-term plans and objectives that inform what the Students’ Union does, and to have your say about what’s in store for the future.

There are a range of interesting sessions that you can attend throughout the week, as well as information about how our strategy is working displayed in the Students’ Union foyer and on plasma screens around the building. The Students’ Union will also be tweeting about their strategy throughout the week – follow the conversation @SheffieldSU and #strategy2016.

Check out the full programme of sessions for students below. Come along and hear about Students’ Union activities and have some input into areas of their strategy (email to sign up to a session).

Monday 24 November

1-2pm: Enhancing employability through student activities, volunteering and representation

This session will explore how students are exposed to 'real-work' challenges and will illustrate the core learning intrinsic in the SU's extra-curricular programmes. It will show staff how they can embed employability in their everyday contact with students.

2-3pm: The Rethinking Food campaign (Sheffield on a Plate)
What's happening next with the Sheffield on a Plate "Rethinking Food" campaign . Come along, hear an update, contribute ideas, maybe even make a pledge to change yourself!

Tuesday 25 November

12-1pm: Building a students' union from scratch

This session will explore some of the fundamental questions about how the SU operates. How should decisions be made in the SU? What would the easiest way to give everyone a stake in the way the SU works and make sure all ideas are given equal value? Join us to build a new SU.

3-4pm: The Students' Union is launching a new Equality & Diversity policy in 2015

Sheffield Students' Union says: "We will celebrate the diversity of the student body, ensuring all students are treated equally and feel included, valued, safe and supported." Find out progress on our new Equality & Diversity policy, timescales for consultation/approval & share your views as a student or staff member.

Wednesday 26 November

11:30am-12pm: What a waste! - how to change office habits of a lifetime

A short, high energy, interactive session on how, with a bit of creativity, we can eliminate 90% of our waste (and also reduce costs and CO₂ emissions into the bargain). We’ll also introduce a new Waste Challenge - How low can you go? that we’ll be rolling out over the following weeks.

Thursday 27 November

1-2pm: Creating a Global Community

Are you interested in helping the SU to create a truly global community? This workshop is open to any student or member of staff who would like to find out more about what we are doing in the SU as well as contribute your ideas.

For more information about all these sessions as to find more about the Students' Union Strategic Plan Highlight Week, visit the Students' Union website