Globally leading Sheffield alumni support the class of 2020

Globally leading Sheffield alumni volunteer to support the class of 2020! This August all final year students can apply to The Boardroom - a programme of exclusive online masterclasses delivered by leading Sheffield graduates from around the world.

The masterclasses will give a group of 25 graduating students the opportunity to hear from serial entrepreneurs, finance experts, marketing gurus, big data specialists, and global innovators, from top firms including EY, Microsoft, Mastercard and KPMG.

“This is a great opportunity to gain insight into a range of leadership topics, and help develop leadership skills to set you up for success in your future career” said Lizzie Ruse, the University’s Alumni Volunteering Manager. “We’ve got some fantastic speakers signed up, and they’re really keen to offer something special to this year’s graduates facing such challenging times”

The programme is open to ALL bachelor, masters and PhD students graduating this summer.

Working together through the programme, the new graduates will be encouraged to form a supportive network with each other, as well as with the speakers.

The masterclasses will be recorded to share with all applicants who are not selected and to benefit more students in the future.

Applications are open now and will close on the 10th July 23:59 GMT+1.

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If you have any queries please email Lizzie Ruse