Have you been vaccinated against measles, mumps and meningitis?

These highly infectious conditions can easily spread between unvaccinated people.

Getting vaccinated is important, as these conditions can lead to serious health problems. The risk of infection is particularly high in student accommodation, so it is important that students coming into university accommodation for the first time are vaccinated.

Two doses of the MMR vaccine provide the best protection against measles, mumps and rubella, and a single dose of MenACWY offers the best protection from meningitis.

The vaccinations are offered by the NHS, free of charge, as long as you are attending University for the first time this year, and haven’t yet reached your 25th birthday.

Ask your GP surgery or other healthcare professionals for advice and to check whether you have already been vaccinated.

If you are a home student, you can get the vaccinations from your GP surgery before leaving for university.

If you register with University Health Service, we can offer both the MMR and meningitis ACWY when you arrive in Sheffield. For details, contact our reception team: 0114 2222 100

For more information on both the diseases and the vaccinations, please visit the NHS website.

NHS guidance on measles, mumps and meningitis

If you have not already done so, register with the University Health Service so that you can see a doctor or nurse in Sheffield when you need to.

If you have an existing health condition remember to book an appointment once you have registered.

Register with the University Health Service