Submit your entries for the 2016 University of Sheffield Yearbook

Firth CourtFinal year students can now submit their entries for this year's University of Sheffield yearbook.

This will be the 11th year that the University of Sheffield Alumni Team will partner with GradFinale to produce the University of Sheffield Yearbook .

Each year there is an overwhelming response from students. The entries in the 2015 Yearbook were moving, interesting and funny and there were hundreds of brilliant photographs uploaded which made fantastic photo collage pages within the book.

The Alumni Team want all 2016 graduates included in this special publication so please find the time to create an entry, it’s really quick and easy. The Yearbook is open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in their final year of study.

Your entry will be made up of:

  • A set of questions for you to fill in (answer as many of the questions as you can).
  • A photo of yourself to be printed alongside your questions (this can be an informal shot – no need for it to be a formal passport photo)
  • Extra photographs – we will print all extra photographs uploaded in the photo collage pages of the book

To make sure you are included, please register on the GradFinale website, or download the free ‘GradFinale Yearbooks’ iPhone App and follow the quick and easy steps.

Please be sure to select 2016 as your year of graduation when registering.

You are NOT automatically included in the Yearbook, you have to go online to register and complete your personal Yearbook profile.

If you have any questions, please email the GradFinale Yearbook Team: