The Sheffield Authorised Records (ShARe) System

All taught students – including Visiting students – will receive their official University transcripts via a secure online system called ‘ShARe’ (Sheffield Authorised Records).

We use ShARe to issue:

  • electronic transcripts to Taught Postgraduate students (at the end of the final year in late November/early December) and Visiting students (by the end of results release day in your final period of study with us), and
  • electronic Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEARs) to Undergraduate students (updated three times a year following each examination period – see full details of the schedule on the HEAR website).

This gives you access to your documents securely online at any time, in any location, making it quicker and easier to view and share these, as well as reducing reliance on paper. Using ShARe is free of charge, and does not require you to sign up. You will still be able to access ShARe after you have left the University.

All documents are original versions, which are issued by University officials and bear the signature of the University Secretary and University stamp. We do not issue hard copies of these documents unless you can demonstrate a specific need for one. This is why it is important to find out how to use ShARe before you finish your studies.

To find out how to log in and use ShARe, visit the FAQs on our ShARe website.