Application & Acceptance

Application Process

  • Your online application is received at Sheffield with your supporting documents uploaded to it
  • We will review your application and check that you meet our basic entry requirements. If anything is missing, we will contact you and request it.
  • Your application form & supporting documents will be used by the academic departments where you have selected modules to decide whether or not to approve your choices. This process takes the longest. If some or all of your modules are not approved, we will contact you by email to discuss alternatives.
  • Once you have enough approved modules, we can then send your offer.
  • We email your offer to the address given on your online application
  • You now need to accept your place ASAP to continue to the process
  • Once you have accepted your place and told us which visa you will apply for, we can then prepare the necessary documentation you require

Important Information

  • Each application is individual. You may apply to Sheffield with other people from your University, it does not mean you will get a decision at the same time as your friend.
  • Each department has a different adviser. It can take time for the adviser to review your application and make a decision. We will chase departments for decisions.
  • At busy times of the year there can be delays for sending out offers. Please bear with us during these times. We have not forgotten about you.
  • Please ensure that you provide up-to-date addresses and emails. Delays can happen due to our office not being updated with new information.
  • If you apply to Sheffield very early, key documents we have to send to you may not be ready. This can then take a little while to get your offer to you. Don't worry, this is not a problem.

Your Offer

You offer email will include the following:

  • Offer email
  • Module decisions
  • A link to accept your offer online
  • Information for applicants

Accepting your place

Once you receive your offer, you should read through the documents and use the link in the offer to accept your place.