Period of study at Sheffield

You can spend a semester or a year studying at Sheffield, earning credits to transfer back to your home university.

We strongly encourage you to attend Sheffield for a full academic year. You will learn more and your experience of living and studying in the UK will be richer.

If you can't spend a whole year away from home, you can apply for the autumn (fall) or the spring semester only, and still have a very rewarding experience.

Semester Dates

  • Autumn (Fall) Semester - September to February
  • Full Year - September to June
  • Spring Semester - February to June
  • Reverse Full Year (February to February)

Dates of semesters

December Finish for the Autumn Semester

Some students find that the Autumn (fall) semester here overlaps with the spring semester at their home institution.

If you need to discuss the possibility of ending your studies at Sheffield in December, please contact the Study Abroad office before completing an application. This is not an option for every department.

Please read the factsheet for more details.

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