A great place to live

Sheffield is a fantastic place to study and live. With so many amazing things to see and do, it's hard to highlight only a few, so here's 30 fantastic things to do in Sheffield.


Why did you choose Sheffield?

The academic excellence, the student friendly city and the fantastic location; just a few reasons why other students chose to come to Sheffield.


Studying in Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is an extraordinary place Learn from brilliant academics who will push you to achieve your very best. We invest millions to create the right environment for you. That means the best equipment and facilities – and the freedom to do things your own way.

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A city like no other

By selecting Sheffield for your time abroad, you're choosing a city like no other. A city of stunning landscapes – the greenest in Europe, creative, welcoming, stubbornly independent, rich in culture and history, but with a modern outlook and a million things to see and do.

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The best for student life

At the University of Sheffield you're not just choosing one of Britain's finest universities, you're also choosing a place to live that's the best in Britain for student life. Our students have voted us top for social life for two years running.

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