Eligibility information

General eligibility

Study Abroad is open to all undergraduate disciplines except Journalism and Psychology.

Additional exceptions also apply, as Law, East Asian Studies and Medicine run their own Study Abroad programmes.

More information is also available for those doing a degree with a compulsory year abroad.

Academic matters

It's part of your degree, it's not a year out.

The courses you study overseas forms part of your Sheffield degree therefore it is important you look at what universities are suitable for your course and what departmental restrictions apply. 

Academic Study Abroad Advisers

There are Study Abroad Advisors in each academic department.  You must discuss your options with an adviser before you submit an application.

The role of the advisors is to give continual academic advice from enquiry stage right through to when you are overseas.

They help you identify relevant courses at the overseas universities, they are contactable while you're abroad, and they ensure you always meet your Sheffield degree requirements.