Study Abroad FAQ's 

The information here can hopefully answer some of your questions.  If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact the Global Opportunities & Exchanges team.  

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  1. What is Study Abroad?

    It is the University of Sheffield's programme to send and receive students between international universities around the world and the University of Sheffield. It covers this student mobility on both an exchange and a fee-paying basis.

  2. How does it work?

    Outgoing students

    • Students spend one academic year overseas.
    • Some departments offer study abroad as an integrated year of the degree, either replacing a year of study at Sheffield or simply not offering that year of teaching. Other departments offer study abroad as an additional year on a 3+1 model, where the year is assessed on a pass/fail basis and does not directly affect the student's degree classification.
    • It is for undergraduate students only.

    Incoming students

    • Students can come to Sheffield for either a full academic year (September to June), a reverse full year (February to February) or for just one semester (Autumn or Spring).
    • Students can study in as many academic departments as they wish as long as their timetable permits.

  3. Can overseas students come to Sheffield when we don't have an agreement in place?

    Yes, they will come here as an independent fee paying student and pay our set Study Abroad fees.

  4. Can graduate students come to Sheffield or go overseas?

    Unfortunately the agreements are currently for undergraduate students only, meaning Sheffield graduate students cannot participate in study abroad.

    The exchange agreement with the University of Melbourne allows for incoming graduate students. Graduate students from other overseas institutions may be accepted on a case by case basis.