Promoting Study Abroad

Studying Abroad is more and more attractive to students thinking about going to University.  We know that offering Study Abroad to potential students can attract them to your department. 

We have exchange partners in the following countries: study




Hong Kong    




New Zealand



South Korea


More information on each of our partners can be found here

Additional Information for students

Students can find out more on our website, and by joining the Study Abroad MOLE organisation. Students and staff who wish to join the organisation should email

Promotion - Your Role

Your Departmental website

Ensure that Study Abroad (and Erasmus+) links are listed on your website for both prospective and current students. We can provide you with copy if needed. 

Promotional literature

The Global Opportunities & Exchanges team produces lots of promotional information. Please get in touch if you wish to request hard copies. We can also send digital material, such as Powerpoint slides to include in your presentations.

Global Opps attendance at Departmental Events

Global Opps staff will be happy to give a presentation or talk, or simply be present for potential questions at your departmental events where it would be relevant. To discuss this option, please email us at

Global Opps Ambassador Programme

Every year we recruit 25-30 returning students to work for us as ambassadors. We can ensure an ambassador comes to your department to talk about their experience, help out at your Open Days and much more. Visit the website for more information.  Our ambassadors also have profiles and write blogs detailing their experiences which will be useful to outgoing students.  

Social Media

Please promote the opportunities through your social media, you can link to our pages (see connect with us) and we have some amazing images from students abroad that we would be happy to share with you.   

For any assistance in promoting Study Abroad please contact