Students who are required to go on a mandatory year abroad or who are interested in applying for an optional year abroad need to join the Study Abroad Blackboard (MOLE) organisation. They need to email to request access.

Please note that the application link will only be available in the Blackboard organisation between the start of the Global Opportunities & Exchanges Fair and the application deadline, 5pm on 1st December.

Application Process - Your Role

  • Marketing the Study Abroad Programme to first year students on 3 year degrees and/or to second years on 4 year degrees
  • Encourage students to attend the Global Opportunities & Exchanges fair
  • Chat with prospective applicants and try to get to know them and their plans and ideas
  • Seriously interested students should meet with you if they wish to apply to the programme. You should judge if they are serious applicants, could be good ambassadors, will see their application through, are they academically strong enough (consistent 2:1 standard)
  • Both you and the student need to ensure that the six university choices on the students application can meet the academic requirements of their degree programme. Students must only choose universities that can offer the courses they need.
  • If you have applicants, you should liaise with colleagues who teach the student and compile information in order to produce the reference. See Tutor Reference Form for the information you need to provide
  • Complete the on line Tutor Reference Form for each student by the set deadline in mid-December.