Euan Stock

Charles University, Prague

Prague is an amazing city that never got old throughout the two weeks

Euan on Prague Summer School

How did you find the Summer School, academically?

The summer school was a fair size and there was a decent amount of reading to do. Content was mostly lectures with group discussion activities built in, culminating in final group presentations.

What extra-curricular activities did you take part in?

I went on multiple field trips, including to a castle outside of Prague, as well as one to Radio Free Europe.

What was the accommodation like?

I had to share with 1 other person in a room, with us two and another single sharing toilet and shower facilities. It was clean and was fine for the 2 weeks I was there.

How did the experience enhance your international outlook?

I learnt that the Czech Republic was until fairly recently divided between its native Czech and German populations, with the issue only resolved fairly recently.
Prague was also home to or was visited by many leading artists and musicians, including Einstein.
The Czech Republic has recently stressed closer cooperation with its Central European neighbours through the Visegrad scheme.

How would you describe the experience overall and why?

Prague is an amazing city that never got old throughout the two weeks, and I made good friends while I was there. Some of the content was difficult to understand, and I felt the group presentations didn’t really use much of the content well. Despite this I overall really enjoyed the experience.

What advice do you have for future students attending this summer school?

Luckily the Czech Republic is very cheap - you can often spend less than £1.50 on beer and rarely more than £7 or £8 on a meal. However you will have to pay for dinner as well as public transport, so maybe £150 is sufficient. There is preparatory work but it didn’t seem too necessary.
Prague is great socially so just explore the city and find what you like best.