Viktoriya Ihtimanliyska

Nanyang Technological University

My experience was immersive of a blend of cultures and cuisines.

Viktoriya on Nanyang Summer Schooll

How did you find the Summer School, academically?

NTU has a huge campus, with great teaching facilities. Classes were small 20-30 people; this was great as lectures were more personable and easier to learn from. The teaching staff were excellent. Only issue is the classes were 3 hours long with only a 15 minute break midway through. This makes it extremely hard to concentrate. Also, the course content was what would usually be included in a semester, so for 5 weeks that was a lot of work and included both in depth tutorials and workshops to be completed, which could sometimes take hours in addition to the expected reading. At least a chapter or two of the book per lecture ( two lectures a week). Also there was a class test, for which we were given the answers after we took the test to calculate our own marks, however the lecturer did not give back the test papers and did not release grades, this led to many people just guessing what mark they got on the test. The final examination was normal, however it did require us to buy a $50 calculator or we would physically be unable to do many of the calculations - this was not made clear before arrival.

What was the accommodation like?

A bit outdated - sharing twin room, so had a roommate. Aircon in room had to be paid for. No Wifi, only ethernet connection available, unless a Wifi adaptor/booster was bought.

What extra-curricular activities did you take part in?

Singapore is a blend of many cultures that mix very well, yet each culture : Chinese, Indian, Malay bring a noticeably different cultural aspect to the country and their influences can be noticed in different areas.
Singapore is amazing for food - they have ""hawker centers"" where you can find almost any cuisine. Meals can sometimes even be influenced by more than one culture - Indian curry with Chinese noodles, and there are many foods we haven't even heard of despite having the cuisines available in England for example Indian Prata.
Singaporeans, like to shorten everything - Singlish! Which can make it hard to understand what they're saying, and sometimes I wasn't sure if it was even English. Indian, Malay and Chinese are also spoken there! But it was fun to learn new phrases!

How did the experience enhance your international outlook?

1. There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam!
2. Venice has 12 more canals than Amsterdam, but Amsterdam has over 800 more bridges than Venice (I'm not quite sure how to this day)
3. I also learnt from a friend that chewing gum is illegal in Singapore!

How would you describe the experience overall and why?

I made a lot of great memories and amazing friends out here. My experience was immersive of a blend of cultures and cuisines. I also got to travel around Malaysia.The course was also great because it really did expand my knowledge in finance and the teaching was excellent.

What advice do you have for future students attending this summer school?

Prepare to study and stay organised. Do the extra reading after every lecture and complete the practice tests to do well on the exam. If taking a finance course, buy or bring the Texas BA II Plus calculator or budget to buy one out there