Zak Nicholls

Nanyang Technology University

I loved the experience. I learned a lot about myself and different cultures

zak on nanyang summer school 

How did you find the Summer School, academically?

I found it very hard, and required a lot more work than I though but still had time to do other stuff.

What extra-curricular activities did you take part in?

Tour of the campus and Tour of the City. Prata making, History tour of the city. I went on trips to Kuala Lumpur and Penang with mates I made while there.

What was the accommodation like?

It was decent but room for improvement, but no major problems. Everything was clean as cleaner there everyday, but no cooking facilities.

Did the experience enhance your international outlook?

I increased my international network of friends, I have a better understanding of a new international culture, I have developed a better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses

How would you describe the experience overall and why?

I loved the experience. I learned a lot about myself and different cultures, would seriously reccomend to anyone that is considering it. It was most certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I’m glad I took.

What advice do you have for future students attending this summer school?

I would really recommend that you plan how to get from the airport to the university it’s the other side of the island taxi would be a good idea. If it feels weird and you want to go home on the first day that’s normal, just throw yourself in the next day and you will soon love it over there. Be prepared that the lectures are long with little breaks, so it is very intense learning and you will have to concentrate and do a lot of work outside of the classroom to keep up.

The events ran by the university are really good ways to meet people so would recommend doing as many as them as possible. They are also such good fun and give you an experience that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

Did the summer school meet your expectations?

Exceeded expectations

How much of your own money did you need to spend during the summer school?


What was the name of your course?

Introduction to Energy and Accounting a Users Perspective