Other Opportunities 

As well as summer schools the Global Opportunities & Exchanges team provides the opportunities detailedsmall below. Many students have the option to study, work or teach overseas.  Ask anyone who has tried it - most say they had a brilliant time. Some say it changed their lives.


The Erasmus+ programme is designed to allow students to study, work or teach for part of their degree in another EU/EEA country.
• If you're a University of Sheffield undergraduate or postgraduate, you could choose to spend part of your course studying, working or teaching in Europe.
• If you're a student from a European country outside of the UK, you may be able to spend part of your degree at the University of Sheffield.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad programme offers the chance to spend part of your degree course in another country outside of the EU.
• If you're an undergraduate already studying at the University of Sheffield, you may have the opportunity to study part of your degree in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore or USA.
• If you're an undergraduate student from a non-European country, you could study at Sheffield for part of your home university degree.

Study Abroad


Your Global Sheffieldygs

Undergraduate students at Sheffield have the chance to get involved in a range of global activities, both at home and abroad, to develop their international experience.

Your Global Sheffield