Self Funded Opportunities

Summer schools are open to students who wish to fund this opportunity themselves.  The Global Opportunities  & Exchanges team can offer guidance and support through this process. web

It is a tremendous opportunity to spend a period abroad during your degree. You will benefit enormously from the academic and personal experiences gained from your period abroad.  In addition, many employers, both in the UK and worldwide, appreciate the added value that graduates with such experience bring to the workforce.


  • Applicable for courses across all faculties
  • Summer schools are not necessarily subject specific

Where can I go?

Global Scholar destinations Other Opportunities

You are welcome to apply for a summer school at one of the Global Scholar destinations:

Global Scholar opportunities

We can sometimes negotiate discounts or tuition fee waivers for University of Sheffield students.

Please note that priority on places is given to students who have won the Global Scholars scholarship.

We will add details of other summer schools offered by our partners once we have the details.

Some partners require a nomination from the University of Sheffield before you can apply. For these partners you must apply using the application link below.

Some partners allow you to apply direct. We still ask you to complete our application form, as we can sometimes negotiate discounts or tuition fee waivers for University of Sheffield students.

Summer schools £1,000 or under

Below is a list of summer schools that can cost £1000 or under, including tuition, travel and accommodation.

Please be aware that this is based on rough estimates and that individual course prices can vary. Flight costs and exchange rates may also fluctuate. Interested students must apply directly to the course providers. An acceptance is not guaranteed.

University City Country Subject areas
Charles University Prague Czech Republic Arts & Social Sciences
Tallinn University Tallinn Estonia Languages, creative courses, Humanities & Social Sciences, Natural Sciences & IT
University of Tampere Tampere Finland Arts, Health Sciences, IT, Social Sciences
University du Maine Le Mans France Languages
University of Munster (WWU) Munster Germany Intercultural Competence
Corvinus University of Budapest Budapest Hungary Business Studies, Economics & Social Sciences
Radboud University Nijmegen Netherlands Arts, Health Sciences, Science & Social Sciences 
University of Ljubljana Ljubljana Slovenia Economics & Business
Summer schools requiring nominations

Below is a list of summer schools that require an official nomination from Global Opportunities and Exchanges before you can apply. This means you must complete our application form by the deadline stated below.

University City Country Subject areas
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) NT Hong Kong Various, including Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Theatre, Sociology and Language
Tohoku University Sendai Japan Japanese language, culture and society

How do I apply?

Simply complete our application form by the deadline of 5pm Wednesday 2nd January 2019 to inform us about which overseas summer school you would like to apply for. Global Opportunities & Exchanges can then contact you to offer assistance with application guidance and support.

What do others say?

Those who have taken part in a summer school previously have shared their experience in our student profiles.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs for self funded students can be found here.