About Project SunSat

Project SunSat is a student led satellite development team consisting of students from the University of Sheffield. SunSat aims to have a student designed and built experiment in orbit by 2025.


In order to achieve this goal, the SunSat team needs experience and heritage in experiment and satellite design.

By developing near space test platforms that can support various launch vehicles, SunSat has the capability to launch exciting and novel scientific experiments into the upper atmosphere whilst gaining the experience required to achieve orbit.

A group photo of the Project SunSat team.


We are a multidisciplinary team of over 25 undergraduate and postgraduate students with specialties ranging from avionic systems design to business management.

The team brings together knowledge across university departments to handle spacecraft subsystems such as thermal, mechanical, telecommunications, attitude determination and control, orbits, command and data handling, electrical power, and structures.

SunSat works closely with academic staff (whilst remaining completely student led) and other teams within the Sheffield Space Initiative to deliver record breaking results, showcasing the University of Sheffield as a space engineering powerhouse.

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