2021 SURE Scheme

Applications for the 2021 SURE Scheme are now closed

Next Steps:

Applications will now be processed and sent to the Faculty Funding Panels, which review all applications for their Faculty. The Panel usually comprises two representatives from research and learning and teaching within that Faculty (e.g. Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching).
The panel will use the application and the criteria below to determine whether or not projects are fundable. The number of fundable project applications invariably exceeds the funding available. The Panel may consider how projects fit with departmental and Faculty research priorities in order to decide which will be awarded bursaries.

  • Interesting and innovative research ideas;
  • Well-defined project objectives (either as part of a larger project, or standalone);
  • Aims and objectives that are realistic and achievable in the time-frame (these could be organised into weekly milestones, should you wish);
  • Clear and well thought-out project outputs;
  • An authentic research activity in the discipline;
  • A clearly-defined and meaningful role/experience for the student.

Applicants will be informed of the funding decision for their project by email on Tuesday 4 May 2021.


Project applications with any element of in-person activity (such as lab or other non desk-based work) will need to include full details of how the project could be altered to be conducted online, should circumstances require this.

Applying for SURE


Please note:

  • Both Supervisor and Student must be named at application (not retrospectively recruited)
  • Only one SURE application will be considered per student or member of staff. Please do not submit multiple applications.

Student requirements:

  • Must be a University of Sheffield student in their penultimate year of undergraduate study, although those on a 4 year course may apply in their 2nd or 3rd year.

Please note: Scholarships cannot be provided to first year or final year students.

  • Cannot have participated in SURE previously. Students may undertake SURE only once during their time at University.

Please note: Students are welcome to re-apply if their previous application has been unsuccessful and if they are still eligible.

  • Must be available over the first 6 weeks of the summer vacation period - though there is some flexibility on start/end dates.
  • Must have a keen interest in the subject of their choice.

Successful SURE students are awarded a bursary for their projects. Bursaries are awarded based upon the standard rate of up to a maximum of £1,250 for a six-week full-time project.

Supervisor requirements:

Must be employed by the University of Sheffield.

Must be either;

  • Academic staff,
  • Research associates with demonstrable experience of supervising student research, or
  • PhD students with an experienced named member of academic staff available to support them during the project, in the role of guarantor/ mentor. This will need to be reflected in the supervisor requirements.

Must be available to support the student researcher during the 6 week project.

More information for Students

More information for Staff


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