Students' FAQ

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  1. What projects can I work on?

    The options are virtually unlimited. We encourage you to seek out academic staff with similar research interests to your own and start creating a research proposal together.

  2. Are international students eligible to apply for the scheme?

    Yes. Any student who is a registered student at the University of Sheffield and fulfils the other eligibility criteria is welcome to apply. The scholarship is not a salary and, as such, it is not liable for taxation.

    Erasmus students are not eligible to apply as they are not University of Sheffield registered students.

  3. Are part-time students eligible to apply?

    Yes. Part-time students can apply and can do the SURE scheme either full-time or on a part-time, pro rata basis.

  4. Can those from Humanities or Social Sciences take part?

    Yes. The scheme is aimed at ALL undergraduate students in their penultimate year of study no matter what their subject.

  5. Do I have to do a 6 week project?

    No. You can do shorter research projects but they need to be run within the same period as the other SURE projects (between 15th June and 24th July and no later than 7th August). This is particularly applicable to those who do not have holiday in the regular vacation period (e.g. students from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health). The bursary will be granted on a pro rata basis.  However, projects must not be longer than 6 weeks.

  6. Is there a flexible start and end date?

    We prefer all participants to start their SURE project on Monday 15th June and finish on Friday 24th July. However, these dates are flexible to an extent. There are some things you would need to take note of:
    • A project cannot begin earlier than Monday 15th June or finish later than Friday 7th August
    • Your supervisor must be available and willing to supervise you during the chosen period.
    • The final payment will not be made until you submit your final report.
    • You might miss some of the SURE Community events and support opportunities available
    • You must provide a valid reason on your application for why you wish to undertake the project outside of the normal 6 week period (e.g. pre-booked holiday, field trip).
    • Your start and end dates cannot be changed from those you submit on your application form.

  7. Can project activities be undertaken abroad?

    Yes. It is up to the supervisor/department to ensure that this happens safely and supervisors are expected to take responsibility for how the projects run and their outcomes.

  8. Can I work in collaboration with another institution for the project?

    Yes, the only requirement being that the named supervisor would need to be from The University of Sheffield.

  9. Can students submit more than one application?

    No. We ask that students and supervisors submit one project. Only one SURE application will be considered per student or member of staff. If multiple applications are submitted, the first submission will be accepted and subsequent submissions will not be considered. This is to ensure fairness to all applicants and promotes applications of the highest quality, outlining the best possible projects.

  10. What are the additional funds?

    Each SURE project may request up to £150 (£500 for lab consumables) to be used for specific project-related costs. This could include material costs (e.g. stationery, photocopying, textbooks), journal or newspaper subscriptions, travel expenses (e.g. train tickets, bus or taxi fares), or entrance fees (e.g. museum exhibition, art gallery). They cannot be used for commuting or other living costs. Please note that the £500 for lab-based costs relate to laboratory consumables only.