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The Sheffield Undergraduate Research Scheme (SURE) offers funded opportunities for undergraduate students from any discipline to work in partnership with an academic staff member on a dedicated research project during the summer vacation. Projects are usually six weeks long.

Who can apply?

  •  University of Sheffield students in their penultimate year of undergraduate study (those on a 4 year course may apply in their 2nd or 3rd year)

How to apply?

  • Applications open in February each year (via an online form)
  • Students must submit a joint application with an academic supervisor

Why apply (students)?

  • Participate in a real research project
  • Deepen knowledge of a subject
  • Gain experience in an academic research environment
  • Enhance employability

 What can I gain from participating in SURE?

The SURE scheme enables students to gain valuable research experience and develop transferable skills that will benefit not only their current studies, but their life and work beyond University. Successful applicants will develop a deeper knowledge of a subject that they are passionate about, and gain enhanced skills in research in addition to transferable skills in areas such as project management (collaboration and communication) awareness of the academic research environment (including career options) and an enhanced CV.

What activities will students be expected to undertake?

This will depend on the subject area, as methods of research will be left to applicants to design. Although these are fairly short research projects there will be a range of activities needed to engage with the material, so each week may be different. Students might conduct experiments, undertake archive work, conduct interviews or focus groups, carry out a survey, review existing literatures, visit precedent studies, or facilitate participatory research. All projects will require a period of writing up. A programme of work and appropriate outputs should be decided with the supervisor. Sometimes the outcomes will be an integral part of a larger ongoing research project; in other cases they may form a stand-alone piece of work. All students must take the 301 Skills Audit before they commence their SURE project.

What will I be expected to submit to fulfil my SURE project?

All SURE students are required to provide three separate outputs from their project. These are: Weekly Reflective Diary, Conference Abstract and Dissemination. All are required elements of the scheme.

  • At the end of each week of a SURE project, all student researchers are required to write a short paragraph reflecting on how that week of the project has gone.
  • All SURE participants are required to disseminate their work (most often through a poster). This is exhibited as part of the SURE Showcase where participants can also answer questions about their research. Some students choose not to submit a poster, preferring to disseminate their work in another format such as a video, a display, a book, a report, a blog, or a website.
  • At the end of the scheme, participants are required to complete a short feedback questionnaire.

2021 Scheme: More information about the scheme, application forms and guidance notes


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