Supervisors' FAQ

*All projects are subject to the latest Government restrictions 

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  1. Can I apply for a lab or field based research project?

    Yes, however, project applications with any element of in-person activity (such as lab or other non desk-based work) will need to include full details of how the project could be altered to be conducted online, should circumstances require this.

  2. Is it possible for post-docs or research associates to propose projects for this program?

    We accept applications from research associates with demonstrable experience of supervising student research, or
    PhD students with an experienced named member of academic staff available to support them during the project, in the role of guarantor/ mentor. This will need to be reflected in the supervisor requirements.

  3. Can supervisors submit more than one application?

    No. We ask that students and supervisors submit one project. Only one SURE application will be considered per student or member of staff. If multiple applications are submitted, the first submission will be accepted and subsequent submissions will not be considered. This is to ensure fairness to all applicants and promotes applications of the highest quality, outlining the best possible projects.

  4. Can I apply for a project that is designed for more than one student?

    The applications tend to be for a single student and occasionally a pair of students. We would, however, accept group applications, provided that they are very clear about what each student would be doing and that supervisors would be able to demonstrate what each student can contribute to the project. This would need to be very explicitly outlined in the application.

  5. Can students offer assistance in projects that are already existing (e.g. in the coding/analysis of existing interview transcripts and archival material)?

    The student can participate in an already existing project, as long as they have a specific and clearly defined role within that project for the 6 weeks, as they have to produce a report/poster at the end of the 6 week period, detailing their findings. This role needs to be outlined in the application.

  6. Can project activities be undertaken abroad?

    Yes. It is up to the supervisor/department to ensure that this happens safely and supervisors are expected to take responsibility for how the projects run and their outcomes.

  7. If I am not going to be available for most of the summer but feel that the project would work just with regular telephonic/Skype talks, would this work?

    Such arrangements can work as long as the student in question agrees with this type of supervision. Also, you would need to identify a secondary supervisor within the department (perhaps a PhD student with experience of supervision) who would be present on a daily basis to support the student if they needed it.

  8. For what can the additional £150 be used?

    The supplementary funds may only be used for specific project-related costs. The money can be used towards travelling, but only when the travelling is required by the nature of the project (i.e. when you would need to travel to a specific library, institution etc.). It cannot be used for commuting or living costs.

  9. Is there a flexible start and end date?

    We prefer all participants to start their SURE project on the first Monday after exams have finished and finish 6 week after (check current guidance for this years dates). However, these dates are flexible to an extent. There are some things you would need to take note of:

    • A project cannot begin earlier than the date above and must finish within 8 weeks of this date (check current guidance for this years dates)
    • You must be available and willing to supervise the student during the chosen period.
    • The final payment will not be made until the student submits the final report.
    • The student might miss some of the SURE Community events and support opportunities available
    • You must provide a valid reason on your application for why you wish to undertake the project outside of the normal 6 week period (e.g. pre-booked holiday, field trip).

  10. Do I have to do a 6 week project?

    No. You can do shorter research projects but they need to be run within the same period as the other SURE projects (check current guidance for this years dates). This is particularly applicable when working with students who do not have holiday in the regular vacation period (e.g. students from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health). The bursary will be granted on a pro rata basis.  However, projects must not be longer than 6 weeks.

  11. Can I apply for the scheme before having a student candidate assigned to the project?

    Supervisors can not apply for the SURE Scheme without having a Student Research in place.