Health Management Technologies

Dr Andrew Hills

The aim of this research programme is to identify and develop technologies that ensure that Rolls-Royce retain their competitive edge by further reducing engine cost-of-ownership and increasing service revenues.

Maximising through-life value is addressed in this work package through four themes:

EHM System Design - developing tools and analysis techniques to support the efficient development and deployment of gas turbine monitoring systems.

New Function Health Monitoring – supporting emerging monitoring needs by developing new analytical algorithm and data acquisition capability.

Diagnostic certainty and Prognosis – supporting the use of Health Monitoring systems to perform remaining useful life estimations for an asset.

EHM-Control Synergy – identifying and demonstrating the opportunities to use monitoring information to optimise system behaviour / asset performance.

These themes are explored within two competing priorities: maximising information gain to identify incipient faults, allowing on-condition maintenance scheduling, while also minimising the sensor count on production engines.

To achieve this goal analysis frameworks are constructed to direct research into all stages in the health monitoring signal chain: sensing, data acquisition, data transfer and data analysis, decision support and action.