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  • National Centre Launch

    The University of Sheffield has launched the UK’s first national centre for university technicians.

    The National Centre for Technical Development and Modernisation will work to improve efficiency by providing a national framework for standardised job titles, grading and career pathways across the technical workforce. It will also examine and signpost best practice in areas of technical training and development.

  •  TechNet: Procurement – Who Are We?

    Have you ever wondered exactly what procurement is, why we have to buy from certain suppliers, why some purchases have to go to tender and why we sometimes need to get multiple quotes for equipment? If so, then this TechNet event focussing on procurement will help to clear up the haze surrounding it.

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  • HEFCE Blog by Steve Butcher on HE Technicians and TDM

    Steve Butcher, head of procurement at HEFCE, has written a blog post focusing on technicians in Higher Education and the work being done by the Technical Development and Modernisation Team. Read his blog and watch a short interview with Steve on the HEFCE website.

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  • Sheffield Pilot Survey Complete

     The Technical Development and Modernisation team wishes to thank staff across the University of Sheffield for their help in supporting the first pilot of the HEFCE Catalyst Technician Skills Capture Survey.

  • Catalyst Press Release

     The University of Sheffield is leading a £400,000 scheme to tackle a blackhole in universities’ technical expertise and train the workforce needed to ensure the country is at the forefront of international research and development.