About Professional Registration

What is Professional Registration and who is it for?

Professional Registration is awarded by Licensed professional bodies of the Science Council and consists of knowledge, competence and commitment to high standards of professionalism. Whilst an academic qualification demonstrates your achievement, professional registration captures your career development and on the job learning alongside any formal qualifications.

Professional registers recognise the range of knowledge, experience and professionalism that are sought after by employers and demanded by the public. What's more, they stay valid throughout your career by demonstrating your commitment to your own development.

There are professional registrations relevant to most technical diciplines for example (but not restricted to) Registered Science Technician - RSciTech, Registered Scientist - RSci, Chartered Scientist - CSci, Registered IT Technician - RITTech, Chartered IT Professional - CITP, Engineering Technician - EngTech, Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology - CMALT, Registered Practitioners - MIScT (Reg) & FIScT (Reg).

Two technicians working

The University of Sheffield is working in partnership with the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) to promote the professional registration scheme to help provide recognition for the technical role you’re in now, as well as a framework to support your future career development.

The attributes of the professional technician are clearly distinguishable:

  • They develop valuable skills through their careers, many of which are transferable across employment sectors
  • They take pride in their work and take continuous professional development seriously
  • They have interesting, rewarding and worthwhile careers offering a gateway to the highest levels of education and training
  • They are diverse individuals coming from a range of backgrounds
  • They are proud to be recognised as professional technicians through a national registration process and common brand.

Whether you’ve recently graduated and are considering your next career move, or wish to formally demonstrate the learning you’ve done on the job to those outside of your department, professional registration can give you the competitive edge.

Professional registration can help you by:

  • Providing recognition for the role you're in now, as well as a framework to support your future career development
  • Providing wider recognition for skills gained through work
  • Demonstrating your commitment to employers, colleagues and clients
  • Creating a broader community of scientists working across a huge range of sectors and disciplines