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TELFest 2020: 29th June - 2nd July 2020

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TELFest - An introduction

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is increasingly becoming embedded across the Higher Education Sector. TELFest is the University of Sheffield’s Technology Enhanced Learning Festival, designed to help academic and teaching staff make the most of technology to enrich learning and teaching. The festival takes place annually and draws on expertise from colleagues across the University and the sector, to deliver a wide range of talks, workshops and discussions. Regardless of your previous Technology Enhanced Learning experience, the festival has been developed to ensure that you walk away both inspired and equipped with the skills required to enhance your current practice.

TELFest is a free event for colleagues from higher education, further education, NHS or non-profit organisations.

It is essential to keep exploring the many and varied ways that technology can help academics develop their teaching. While technology isn't always the solution to our problems, we need to recognise the role it can play within learning and teaching. By maintaining a focus on possible technological uses and being at the forefront of applying technology appropriately, we can help meet the developing needs of our students in the way they learn, while also enhancing the way we teach.

Professor WYN MORGAN

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