Puzzling it out: exploring escape games for learning and assessment

Helen Whitehead, The University of Nottingham
Liz Cable, Leeds Trinity University

Whitehead & Cable will present a unique escape game specifically designed for TELFest to demonstrate the educational escape room concept and its pedagogical underpinnings. Escape games can be applied to many learning contexts, including developing skills such as research, evaluation of resources, information literacy, critical thinking and team working, as well as in assessment.

The methodology we will demonstrate for digital and classroom learning will build on existing examples of, and literature about, escape games and puzzles for learning and assessment. The session will both engage participants in a practical and fun activity and lead them through creating such an engaging activity for their students.

At Leeds Trinity University Liz Cable has created, among others, "Death by the Book", an escape game played as revision for an accounting exam; "The Locked Room", a game designed to introduce English students to the detective mysteries of Poe, Conan-Doyle and Christie; and "The Case of the Overstayed Welcome", a game used by both criminologists and journalists for different learning outcomes.

At the University of Nottingham, Helen Whitehead has devised “Escape from Paper Mountain” for staff, to support the move to online marking. Another game “Squirrel Flu Season” was designed to promote team building for health researchers.

In this session, participants will be introduced to a collaborative escape game format, with a variety of “locks” and puzzles, making this playful and problem-solving approach available to all lecturers and teachers with no need for specialist equipment.

Tuesday 26th June, 11.30am, Workroom 1
note location and times are subject to change