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Prospective Undergraduates

Studying with us

We are an internationally renowned centre for innovative, multi-disciplinary study of the Bible. We're recognised throughout the world as one of the leading centres for teaching and research on the Bible and we've recently been developing cutting edge research in the wider study of religion and social sciences.

Since the day we opened our doors in 1947, we've striven towards new ways of understanding biblical texts. We look at how these ancient writings feed into real issues affecting real lives today: politics, culture, identity, gender, sexuality, and science. We drill down into religious belief and shed new light on the modern world. Join us and be a part of it.

We're committed to student-centred learning in a friendly environment where you can develop a range of personal, academic and professional skills. Each member of our staff is a leading expert in their field and as a result our teaching is informed by the latest research, making Sheffield an exciting place to study religion, theology and the Bible.

Diversity and community

We welcome students of all faiths and none. As long as you're able and ready to ask questions and form ideas about belief, religion, theology and biblical texts, our door is wide open. And once you've arrived, the door stays open to all our staff. Study with us and you'll enjoy a strong, supportive relationship with your personal tutor, who'll be there whenever you need help.

Biblical Studies students

Away from the lecture room, there's a thriving social aspect to life in our centre. We're based in a lovely old building with a garden terrace and kitchen to eat, chat and mingle (as well as having our own library and dedicated language labs). And our students run BIBSoc – the Biblical Studies Society – which brings together undergraduates, postgraduates and staff for nights out to the cinema, pub and restaurant.

We have a strong background in public engagement activity, working with schools, colleges and community groups on collaborative projects that further our understanding of Religion, Theology and The Bible. When you study with us, you'll be given every opportunity to become part of the community not just in the Department, but in the City of Sheffield. 

So that's a culture of academic excellence, diversity, and engagement with the real world – in a great friendly atmosphere. What's not to love? See which courses you like the sound of.

Careers without limits

There's no end of rewarding careers you could go into with a degree from us. The kind of transferable skills you'll develop in your degree in Religion, Theology and the Bible will set you up perfectly for a huge range of work settings. You'll see different perspectives, ask the right questions. You'll be a team worker, a problem solver, a project planner, a pattern spotter, a fluent and powerful communicator. Our graduates go into a wide variety of industries including journalism, social, cultural industries and the arts, teaching and pastoral work.

Your study will include modules like Religion, Theology and the Bible at Work, and The Bible, Religion and Education. We've developed these specifically to strengthen your workplace skills.

Some of our graduates go on to work within faith communities. The possibilities are much wider than that, though. Journalism, social work, the media, cultural industries and the arts, web design, charity, teaching, retail management, healthcare, banking, advertising, public relations. Or you might carry on studying at postgraduate level. Our degree courses have a superb track record of employability, with virtually all our students securing jobs or continuing to study.

Wherever you want to go, however high you set your goals, a degree from Sheffield can be the launchpad for your dreams.

More about careers

Cultural agility

Learn with us and we'll help you develop a very special and relevant skill: cultural agility. This means understanding and appreciating, in our pluralistic society, the various ways in which religion, theology and the Bible are significant to diverse groups of people. We'll help you move between the spheres of the academy, faith communities and the wider secular society to be able to understand and emphathise with all perspectives.