Accident management

After ensuring you and the vehicle are safe, please contact the Transport Services team during office hours:

Tel: 0114 222 9288/89

What to do if you have an accident

If you have an accident - STOP! The golden rule is not to panic. Keep your head, be courteous. Do not argue and do not make and admissions.

Your priorities are:

  • Your own safety
  • The safety of anyone else involved
  • The safety of other road users

This may mean calling the emergency services, moving vehicles (if possible) to a place of safety and administering first aid. If the crashed vehicles cause an obstruction or traffic hazard, call the police. Warn other motorists (for example, warning triangle and hazard lights). Try to get a witness.

Never drive your vehicle after an accident unless it is roadworthy. For minor damage check with your manager if you can drive for a short distance for repairs to get you going again. Call Transport Services at your earliest convenience (0114 222 9288/89).

If you are involved in an accident that causes:

  • Injury to another person
  • Injury to certain animals (dogs, sheep, horses, cattle, pigs goats, asses & mules) not carried in your vehicle
  • Damage to another vehicle
  • Damage to fixed roadside property (such as lampposts, trees or gate posts)

You must stop and give your name and address, the name and address of your vehicle's owner and its registration mark to any person having reasonable grounds to ask for the information. You must also produce the insurance certificate if any other person is injured. If, having stopped, you have not followed this procedure for any reason, or the accident resulted in personal injury, you must report the accident to the police as soon as reasonably practicable within 24 hours, and produce the certificate if applicable. If the certificate cannot be produced it can be submitted to a local police station within 7 days.

This does not mean that you are entitled to wait the full 24 hours before reporting an accident, for the main obligation is to report 'as soon as reasonably practicable'. Unnecessary delay could lead to prosecution, even if the accident was reported within 24 hours. You should also report full delay of any accident to your line manager and Transport Services (0114 222 9288/89) without any delay.


No statement should be made admitting liability or fault regarding your driving, the condition of the vehicle, or security of the load. No offers or promises should be made to third parties without prior consent of your insurer and without taking legal advice. The Police should otherwise be given all reasonable assistance.

Obtain these details

In both your own and your employer's interests, you should try to obtain:

  • Names and addresses of drivers and owners, and registration marks, of all other vehicles involved in the accident
  • Details of insurance companies of the owners of the other vehicles
  • Names and addresses of witnesses
  • Names of any Police constable present
  • Road and weather conditions, position of vehicles involved and of any other traffic, skid marks, position of traffic signs, traffic islands, turnings, etc, in the area. Try to show these details in a sketch.