Approved suppliers for coach and minibus bookings

If you need to book transport for any University-related activity, we now have an approved supplier list. All the companies on the list have been thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our requirements in terms of insurance and legal operations, as well as the level of care and high quality service they offer.

You're likely to hire a vehicle with a driver as few licences would allow you to drive a minibus or coach on University business. Contact Transport Services if you have any questions (call 0114 222 9289/9172).

To make a booking with any one of the approved suppliers, just contact them directly - the table below shows contact details and supplier number, as well as numbers of coaches or minibuses they run. The exception is Momentum which does not run vehicles itself, but provides an agency service on our behalf.

Of the approved coach suppliers, only Andrews, Coopers and Momentum are able to provide coaches for operation into mainland Europe.

The approved minibus suppliers have sub-contract agreements in place with other suppliers. The approved suppliers know and understand our minimum requirements and will only sub-contract our business to other suppliers who meet our standards. Should you have a booking that is sub-contracted, your contract remains with the approved supplier.

We hope this new approved list will not only ensure the safety and comfort of any staff and students travelling on University business, but will also make the whole booking process much simpler and cost effective.


Operator Phone Contact Email
Vendor Code No. of coaches available
Andersons 01709 364750 10188


Andersons will cease trading at the end of 2019 due to retirement

Andrews 01298 871222 10192 25
Ashley 0114 251 1234 11562 12
Beewise 0114 245 3535 15592 8
Coopers 0114 248 1155 10909 12
Keats 0114 246 7071 18267 5
Maxfield 0114 287 2622 12417 10
Momentum 0800 056 7848 33868 Many, from approved sub-contracted operators


Operator Phone Contact Email
Vendor Code No. of minibuses available
Beewise 0114 2453535 15592 2
Keats 0114 2467071 18267 2
Ky's Executive 0114 2334623 28494 3
Maxfield 0114 2872622 12417 2
Momentum 0800 0567848 33868 Many, from approved sub-contracted operators