Dr Erin M. Roberts

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Erin is a Research Associate based in the School of Social Sciences and Understanding Risk Research Group at Cardiff University. With a background in human geography, her research interests centre on the interconnections between socio-cultural, spatial, environmental, and political issues that have given rise to, and result from, a changing climate. Her interest in how communities make sense of landscape / environmental / technological change at various scales has led Erin to specialise in interpretive research and the use of creative methods to elicit reflections on more-than-human relationships through time: providing key insights into the opportunities and barriers that might be faced in the transition to Net Zero. To date, her work has spanned exploring the socio-cultural, spatio-temporal, and material roots of everyday energy practices in predominantly off-gas rural households; the relational values associated with nature and wellbeing at the coast; and embodied sense-making of environmental quality in (post)industrial communities.

Joining the Greenhouse Gas Removal via Enhanced Rock Weathering Demonstrator project, Erin’s research will focus on building knowledge of public perceptions and local community acceptance of ERW at 3 case field sites representative of major agricultural land uses in the UK. Her role will centre on exploring how cultural and historical context shape understandings of the environmental and societal risks and benefits of deployment: contributing in-depth knowledge on ERW social/ethical acceptability to the GGR-D Hub and developing upstream ‘social intelligence’ on deployment barriers and opportunities for ERW.