Disrupted Studies – Guidance for applicants

We realise that there are some issues that cannot be discussed fully within the personal statement in your UCAS application. These are often things of a sensitive nature. The University of Sheffield's Disrupted Studies form provides you with an opportunity to tell us more about any circumstances that have caused significant disruption to your post-16 studies, or any GCSE subjects that are needed as part of our course entry requirements.

Please read this guidance carefully and ensure you liaise with your UCAS referee prior to completing the form.


The Disrupted Studies form should only be completed if you are applying for an undergraduate course(s) at the University of Sheffield. We have decided not to publish a list of qualifying criteria. All we ask is that you use the form to tell us about circumstances that have affected you and which have been outside your immediate control.

The following are examples of some situations which would qualify for consideration (please note that this list is not exhaustive):

  • Undertaking the role of main carer in the home for a parent or guardian, sibling or other immediate family member
  • A period of ill-health affecting performance in examinations or other pieces of assessed work
  • Bereavement of an immediate family member
  • A period of teacher-absence in subjects that are material to you meeting your offer conditions
  • You are from a care background, or have spent a period of more than three months in looked-after care
  • Other personal, social or domestic circumstances, such as a relationship breakdown at home
  • A disability or long-standing medical condition

Where possible, we ask that you provide supporting evidence with your Disrupted Studies form (for example a medical note).

Completing the Disrupted Studies form

Part One of the Disrupted Studies form is to be completed, signed and dated by you, the applicant. Part Two of the form is for your UCAS referee to complete. All sections of the form must be completed in full before it is returned to us.


Where possible, Disrupted Studies forms should reach us at the same time as the UCAS application. In terms of assessment for interview or making course offers, we cannot guarantee to consider any information received after this deadline. However information will still be accepted until 31 July of the year of entry.

All Disrupted Studies forms may be subject to further review at Confirmation (ie when A-level results are released).

What happens to the information you provide?

The information will be passed to the Admissions Tutor(s) for the course(s) you have applied for, who will assess it in accordance with the University’s Undergraduate Admissions Policy.

Information submitted via the Disrupted Studies form will be recorded on your applicant record. This will enable us both to assess the results of this initiative and to provide you with any relevant pre-entry support. All data is held in accordance with Data Protection protocols and will not be shared beyond the University of Sheffield.

Please note that information provided via the Disrupted Studies form does not guarantee the offer of a place, nor a lower offer than stated in our published course entry requirements.