David Reed

Photograph of David

Department: Law
Course: LLB (Hons) Law
Year of Study: 3rd (final) Year
Age: 50

Before coming to university I was a fully qualified head chef and had worked in some very successful restaurants, but I wanted to move into a more sustainable profession. I decided to study law and choose The University of Sheffield because of its excellent reputation nationally and its particularly high academic standards within the law department.

I am a home owner and therefore mortgage payer, so my biggest worry before starting university was finance. Having just completed my degree after 3 years of study, I can honesty say that it IS manageable and support from Student Services has helped a lot.

My work and life experience prior to starting university taught me to balance my family and work commitments and I was able to transfer these skills to my academic life. Also, as a lone parent, I found returning to study actually gave me more time with my son as I was able to make full use of the flexibility of choosing my own study times.

Studying for a law degree has not only given me academic knowledge, but more importantly it has enabled me to gain knowledge of what becoming a lawyer really means in the outside world. When I graduate I hope to become a commercial lawyer so the course and placement have allowed me to visualise my future career as lawyer and make it more meaningful.

Retuning to study has been a mountain to climb, but it is fantastic when you get to the summit and I can thoroughly endorse The University of Sheffield as a sympathetic facilitator for mature students.