Taking qualifications early

Taking A Level or equivalent qualifications early and length of study

We normally recommend that applicants undertake a sufficient volume of study in one sitting, for example by completing three A Levels or equivalent over two years, to demonstrate that they will be able to successfully manage a high level and volume of study once at the University.

Applicants who have taken an A Level or equivalent qualification a year early will usually be given credit for this in any offer made. However, as above, applicants are typically expected to complete the equivalent of three A Levels within two years. If applicants start qualifications a year early but take three years to prepare for and complete their final exams they may be asked to achieve a higher entry requirement than is standard.

Each applicant in these circumstances is considered on a case-by-case basis and we may request further information to support our overall review of the application.

Taking GCSE or equivalent qualifications early

Taking GCSE or equivalent qualifications early does not normally affect how an application is reviewed, provided the general University and course-specific requirements have been met.

For entry to the University all applicants must demonstrate general preparation in English, demonstrated by grade C in GCSE English or an accepted English language qualification. Applicants should also usually be able to demonstrate a sufficient level of mathematics, for example through the achievement of grade C in GCSE Mathematics. Some courses have additional and/or higher GCSE requirements, either from a broader range of specific subjects, such as for Medicine and Dentistry, or from one particular subject. For example, our courses in Business Management and in Economics require a minimum of grade B in GCSE Mathematics.

Additional GCSE requirements are listed in course requirements in our prospectus and on UCAS Course Search.