Living in Sheffield

People outside shops on Division Street in Sheffield

You've come to the right place

Your student years are a precious time. They're the best chance you'll ever have to explore, discover, make new friends and see new sights. To have fun, be creative and be free.

Don't waste those years stuck in a place with nothing to do or see. Or an inner-city student ghetto. Choose Britain's greatest city for university life.

Students enjoy the time of their lives in Sheffield. No other place can come close. Take some time to explore these pages and find out why. Or take a look at Sheffield's top-rated student accommodation.

Interactive video tour

Video blogger LaurbubbleLet one of our students show you round and see for yourself what our University is really like.

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Students in the Peace Gardens in SheffieldA city like no other

Our students love Sheffield so much that they can't tear themselves away. Every year thousands of them set up home here after they've graduated and start to build a life.

Why? It's friendly, it's beautiful, it's modern, it's safe. Some people say it's the most creative city on the planet. There are two and a half million trees. And three and a half million amazing things to do.

Why you'll love Sheffield

Millennium Gallery in Sheffield

Culture, leisure and sport

Take your pick from theatre, cinema, art, music, museums, great shopping, thrilling outdoor activities and sport for all.

Person walking along Devonshire Street outside a bar

Going out

Cafes, bars, clubs, gigs, pubs, comedy, parties, coffee shops, restaurants... whatever you're into, Sheffield does it brilliantly.

Vintage clothes sale

A lower cost of living

Worried about money? There's no need. Find out how students enjoy a lower cost of living in Sheffield than just about anywhere else.

Supertram and sign

Getting here, getting about

Travelling to Sheffield is easy, and with a modern bus and tram network it's easy to get around the city once you've arrived.