A lower cost of living

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One of the first things new students ask us about Sheffield is how much things cost here. The answer's pretty simple: less than they cost elsewhere.

So your money will go further and last longer in Sheffield.

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With more than 50,000 students in Sheffield, shops and services are queueing up to offer discounts. Stationery, cinema tickets, hairdressing, driving lessons, music, kebabs... you name it, you can save on it – just by flashing your student ID.

Sheffield is ranked as the fourth most cost-effective place to study in England in the 2015 Natwest Student Living Index.

Your transport costs will be a lot less than in other cities. And in Sheffield it's an easy walk from our student accommodation to the University.

Our Students' Union – voted the best in the country on several occasions – offers a fine selection of shops, services and places to eat and drink at minimal expense.

In Sheffield the best things in life really are free. Well, some of them. A trip to our stunning galleries or museums, a walk or bike ride in the Peak District, loads of gigs every week across the city... they won't cost you a penny.

Wherever you go to university, it'll cost you. But in Sheffield it'll cost you less. It'll be more rewarding. It'll be more fun. And in the long term it'll pay you back many times over.

Now, if you need to know more about fees, funding, loans, bursaries and that side of things, our student finance web pages are just the place. Or read about culture, leisure and sport (and shopping) in Sheffield or what it's like going out around here.