Undergraduate teaching and learning changes for 2020-21 - Social sciences

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have made some changes to teaching and learning for the 2020-21 academic year.


Information about courses starting in 2020 is available via the 60kb PDF links on this page. We will update these pages with new information when available so please check back. You can also view our frequently asked questions

L300 BA Sociology

L390 BA Sociology with Criminology

LL34 BA Sociology with Social Policy

L391 BA Digital Media & Society

K3K4 BA Landscape Architecture

KC39 BSc Landscape Architecture

LSCU111 MLA Landscape Architecture

P500 BA Journalism Studies

X300 BA Education, Culture and Childhood

EDUU02 BA Education, Culture and Childhood (part-time)

L431 BA Applied Social Sciences

L435 BA Quantitative Social Sciences

M100 LLB Law

M120 LLB Law (European and International)

M1M2 LLB Law with French Law

M1M3 LLB Law with German Law

M1M4 LLB Law with Spanish Law

M1M5 LLB Law with Chinese Law

M900 BA Criminology

M930 LLB Law and Criminology

K100 BA Architecture

KK13 BA Architecture and Landscape

L700 BA Geography

F800 BSc Geography

F900 BSc Environmental Science

F902 MEnvSci Environmental Science

L100 BA Economics

L101 BSc Economics

L1N3 BSc Economics & Finance

LL12 BA Economics and Politics

LG11 BSc Economics and Mathematics

LV15 BA Economics and Philosophy

TN12 Chinese Studies and Business Management BA

N200 Business Management BA

N120 International Business Management with Study Abroad BA

N420 Accounting and Financial Management BA

NG21 Business Management and Mathematics BA 

NG41 Accounting and Financial Management and Mathematics BA

NL41 Accounting and Financial Management and Economics BA

NL21 Business Management and Economics BA

NT22 Business Management and Japanese Studies BA 

RN50 Business Management and Modern Languages & Cultures BA

L722 BA Urban Studies

LK74 BA Geography and Planning

K400 MPlan Urban Studies and Planning

L210 Politics

L201 Politics and International Relations

LV25 Politics and Philosophy

LL23 Politics and Sociology

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