Biosciences taster session

Join us for this interactive taster lecture exploring why wildlife hunting and trading happens, and the impacts that wildlife exploitation has on the ecology of the ecosystems affected by it.

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Hunting, wildlife trade, and global conservation

The hunting and trade of wildlife is a global challenge for conservation, impacting a huge diversity of species at both local to international levels. But why and where are species being exploited? And what are the impacts for exploited populations and the wildlife communities that they’re embedded in?

This interactive taster session will be led by Professor David Edwards, a leading researcher in the field of conservation. We’ll cover the reasons for hunting and trade, and their impacts, giving you a chance to learn about the recent progress that’s been made in understanding the sheer extent of wildlife exploitation and the science of how that exploitation impacts ecology and ecosystems.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to chat with David, to hear more about his research and the modules he teaches on. We’ll also be joined by the school’s Director of Recruitment who’ll be happy to answer any admissions-related questions. This session is also a great chance to hear from some of our current students, so you can find out more about being a Biosciences student at the University of Sheffield, and where a degree in Biosciences can take you. 

When: Wednesday 19th April 2023, 4.30pm -5.45pm

Age group: Year 12 and Year 13

Suitable for: students interested in a degree in Biology/Zoology/Ecology, who are studying A Level (or equivalent) Biology/Human Biology and another science* and are anticipating a grade B or above in these subjects.

*Science subjects include Biology/Human Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Psychology or Statistics


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and therefore is subject to change.

Time Activity
4.30pm Log in and get comfortable
4.35pm Welcome and introductions to the University
4.45pm Lecture: Hunting, wildlife trade, and global conservation
5.20pm Being a Biosciences student' – Q&A, including discussion with current undergraduates
5.40pm Closing remarks

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