Materials Science and Engineering taster session

Materials Science and Engineering is an incredibly fast-developing field that is always at the cutting edge of technology. Come along to this taster session to see If Materials Science and Engineering is for you.

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Nanomaterials - the smallest solutions to the world's biggest problems?

Have you ever wished that you could really help people to have more sustainable lifestyles? With materials you can! Because manufacturing requires substantial amounts of energy, creating greener materials by developing new materials and processes, higher performance materials for energy storage and generation, as well as focusing on waste management has the potential for massive energy savings.

This Materials Science & Engineering Taster Session, will provide a taste of the breadth of the science and engineering skills required in the Materials Sector featuring examples from the work of academics in the Department; in particular examples involving nanomaterial and nanoscience in the hunt for new batteries and solar cells.

This is a repeat of the session from the Autumn semester.

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