Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering taster session

This taster session gives you an insight into studying Automatic Control and Systems Engineering at university.

Mover6 robot in the Robotics and Automation Lab

Robotics: How to control robots and how they will shape our future?

Ever wondered what the future will look like with robots increasingly involved in our lives? Whether you imagine them helping to keep your home tidy, or being part of the production line in a factory, or servicing in a hospital, or driving on the road, you will like to know how to design and drive their behaviour!

In the ACSE Taster Session, you will be able to acquire a taste of the engineering skills on how to build and control robots in fundamental tasks across these domains. We will also present how we envisage robots to be part of our bodies that deliver the medicine of tomorrow.

As a prospective engineer of tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to glimpse an exciting future world with robots and feel in control of this technology.  

When: Thursday 19 May 2022, 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Age group: Year 12 and Year 13

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Time Activity 
3.30pm Log in and get comfortable
3.35pm Welcome and introductions
3.40pm Introduction to the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
3.50pm Mini lecture
4.15pm Q&A session with staff and current students
4.25pm Session roundup

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