Economics taster session

This taster session gives you an insight into studying Economics at university.

Student sitting around a laptop

Discussing inequality in an unequal world

When: Tuesday 23 November 2021, 4:00-5:30pm 

Year 12 and Year 13

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How do economic outcomes such as income, wealth and poverty, vary across individuals within the same country and between individuals in different countries? To what extent do we want to change the amount of inequality we observe, and what then should be done to reform policy around inequality? The aim of this session is to get the students thinking and talking about a topic which surveys have shown young people to view as the most important economic issue of the day: inequality.

You don't need to be studying economics at A Level to participate in this session. We would love for students not studying economics who might be studying other subjects (Maths, Psychology, Geography and Business) to find out what economics is like at University.


Time Activity
4:00pm Welcome and settle in
4:10pm Introduction and overview: Economics of inequality
4:25pm Group activity
4:45pm Share ideas about inequality
5:05pm Research and teaching about inequality
5:15pm Q&A studying economics at the University of Sheffield
5:30pm Finish

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