Physics taster day

This experience day at the University of Sheffield gives you an insight into studying physics at university.


Handheld Physics: Using your smartphone to measure magnetic fields in your own home

A free virtual taster session for Y12 and Y13 students studying A Level Physics and Mathematics with a predicted grade B in both subjects and an interest in studying Physics at University.

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When: Thursday 18 June 2020, 2.00pm - 4.45pm

Places available: 30

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This virtual taster session delivered by the University of Sheffield gives you an insight into studying physics at university. The session is for Y12 students studying A Level Physics and Mathematics with an interest in studying Physics at University.

Did you know that performing experimental science is possible from the comfort of your own home? During an interactive session, our dedicated teaching staff will be on hand to guide you through experiments to measure and study different sources of magnetic fields – all you need is curiosity and a smartphone!

After a quick break, Dr Richard Parker will then explore the topic of the Sun in its infancy with you:

Our Sun today sits a long way from other stars in the Milky Way, but this almost certainly wasn’t the case when it was born. Young stars often have energetic interactions with their stellar siblings but in this talk, we’ll see how the Sun appears to have had a quiet time as a young star, in contrast to other infant stars.

To finish off the session, there will be a chance for you to find out more about being a physics student at the University of Sheffield as you take part in a Q+A. You will have the chance to talk to some of our current undergraduate students, a member of our admissions team, and a careers expert, who will all be on hand to answer any queries you might have about studying physics at university.


Time Activity
2.00pm Log in & get comfortable
2.15pm Welcome and introductions – Prof Paul Crowther (Head of Department)

Your home can be a lab: an interactive practical session – Dr Mark Quinn

3.30pm Comfort break

Mini-lecture: “The cradle of the Sun” by Dr Richard Parker

4.30pm 'Being a physics student' – Q&A

You will be sent a lab script in advance, please take some time to look through the script and prepare for the session in advance, as this will provide you with a true experience of taking part in an undergraduate lab at the University of Sheffield. You are welcome to start or indeed complete the experimental work before the formal session begins, with the idea that you will contribute to a discussion of your findings on the day. Academic support will be readily available during the scheduled session for any questions you may have. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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