Sheffield Students' Union

The best students' union in the UK

Becoming a Sheffield student is all about trying new things, testing your strengths and discovering what you're passionate about. Your students' union is here to make sure nothing stands in your way.

We're the UK's number one

Our students' union is consistently recognised as the best in the country.

We've been voted number one for the past 10 years in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey.

  • Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2009–2018
  • National Student Survey 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

As you've probably guessed, the entertainment and the social life are first rate. But the awards also reflect how effective our students' union is at representing students and delivering the services they ask for.


Refurbished and expanded students' union building

Bigger and better than before

We've expanded the students' union building so there's even more room for the things you want to do. You'll find study spaces, night clubs, a cinema, cafes, shops and vital support services including an advice centre and a nursery for students with young children.


Find out what you're good at

There are over 300 clubs and societies to get involved with. You could help to write the student newspaper or climb a mountain. If there isn’t a club or society for you, then you can start your own.


International cultural evening

Mix things up a bit

You don't have to stick to one thing. If you think your breakdance crew should get together with the Star Trek society, go for it, see what happens. If you don't have the time to go to anything regularly, our Give It a Go scheme lets you sample different clubs and activities on a pay and play basis.


Student volunteering


Our award-winning Sheffield Volunteering scheme offers you the chance to work with schools and charities. The skills you’ll pick up will look good on your CV and you'll learn more about yourself than you would if you only went to lectures and the bar.


Sitting on the grass outside the Students' Union

Ask your students' union

The Student Advice Centre is free and confidential. Highly trained professional advisers offer help on problems such as managing money, housing contracts and academic and welfare matters. If you need to find part-time work during term, the Job Shop is the first place you look.


Voting for Students' Union officers

Make yourself heard

The students' union isn't just about access to great services. It exists to represent your interests and relies heavily on your involvement. Students elect Union Officers and a Students' Union Council to make the day-to-day decisions that affect you.

All our students automatically become members of the Students' Union, but you can opt out. For more about this and all the Students' Union offers, see the Sheffield Students' Union website.