Postgraduate Research Student Handbook

This Handbook introduces the guidelines and procedures for postgraduate research in the Department, as well as provinding links to relevant information and resources across the University. Content which provides information about procedures/practices specific to study within the Department of Urban Studies and Planning is indicated in BOLD type.

Our Handbook supplements the University-wide Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes. We encourage all research students to read the Code of Practice in the early stages of their PhD programme.

We have done our best to make sure that the information provided is accurate and up to date. We will endeavour to inform you should key information be updated during the academic year. However, please check with your Supervisor and/or the Director of the Research School if you are unsure about any aspect of your PhD programme.

All students are required to confirm that they have read the Handbook and, specifically, to confirm that they have read and understood the section on 'plagiarism, collusion and the use of unfair means' by completing a Declaration Form, which is sent to new students shortly after registration.

Getting Started

University Services and Support

Your rights


Research training

Confirmation Review

Ethics and Research Governance


Keeping track of progress

Thesis preparation, submission and examination

Student attendance


Getting involved


Useful resources